WTF Business Broadcasters? Are your heads in the clouds again?

I am so sick and tired of listening to all of you say "Listen" like a bunch of teenagers using the word "like". Charlie Gasparino needs to take the word "Listen" out of his personal wikipedia. It is getting old Charles. Where are you today? Why aren't you standing on a soap box screaming at Wall Street to get their head in the game.

Layoffs keep coming and coming and coming and coming....!!!  We are all barely getting by and yet the market continues to go up. Can someone please help me understand why this is happening. I thought Wall Street always looked for tremendous growth before rewarding stocks. If nobody has a dime to spend and we are all worried about losing our jobs, where is this mysterious growth going to come from?

What is moving the market upward? Where is this confidence coming from on Wall Street? What does Wall Street know that Main Street cannot see, taste or smell?

C'mon Becky! C'mon Carl! C'mon Joe! Get me some real answers! Mark Hanes c'mon brotha.....  I thought I could rely on you!  You are losing your edge.

Please take note! The word "Listen" has to go!  Have one of your interns count how many times it is said in one day on CNBC. Tell your guests they sound like geeks trying to be cool by getting geeked up on the word "LISTEN".

Erin Burnett. Keep up the good work and tell Mark to get angry!