Where are the answers?

I am so sick and tired of listening to people get interviewed and not being held accountable for their comments.  When did journalists turn into a spineless talking heads? At what point did journalists stop asking for facts and figures from their guests. You allow politicians to spew numbers and never produce sources of their figures and data. You allow politicians and business leaders to avoid answering a question that has a yes or no answer. It is such bullshit. Let teenagers ask the questions and the guest will not be allowed to move on until the question is answered.  The public is not able to put  politicians and leaders on the spot to get yes or no answers.  It is your job to get the facts and the and answers and you are all doing a horrible job.  

Why is that some of our best coverage comes from people like John Stewart and Bill Maher.  How is possible that HBO and Comedy Central produce better coverage than CNBC and CNN.  I agree that Rick Santelli is a healthy dose of real journalism at its best but the problem is with CNBC is that Rick Santelli is not a host handling  interviews.  Instead we have spineless talking heads that can't get anything out of their guest outside of legalesque speculative jargon about how things are going up or going down.

I want to know how the DOW can be above 10,000 and unemployment can be at an all time high. I want to know why it is ok for the government to manage the military, police, fire departments, water supply and sanitation, SEC, FCC, FAA and so on but we cannot find a way to make health care work.  I was in the Air Force and our healthcare system worked just great. In fact it was wonderful.

I want to know why nobody has been held accountable at the SEC for failing to pick up and track so many fraudulent trading organizations.  Who was fired without benefits?  Who was held accountable.  You guys cover business like it is a horse race.  "Who are you picking today Bob?"  "Why do you think Silver Lightning didn't win yesterday Julie?"  "If I want opinions I will watch Jim Cramer with respect to stocks"  "If I want off the wall ridiculous right wing banter I will watch Larry Kudlow"  "Larry is an pompous man that doesn't do a thing outside of entertain right wing Fox news junkies that want his personal opinion"  "I want answers.  I want real data from college interns that work for nothing at CNBC and CNN. Where are the answers?  Where are the interviews with Yes or No answers?

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PS  It is beyond ghetto that CNBC plus requires internet explorer to  watch CNBC Plus.

Wednesday, 11-11-09 06:45

Rick Fan
Heard your discussion with Steve Liesman this late Tuesday morning.
You are right. The Fed needs to move. All this ZIRP did not and
will not stop the economic forces from taking hold. The Fed always
use the excuse that things would have been worse had that not moved
to zero. The market would have done a better job of sorting things
out without all the the rate cuts and stimulus and the country ould
be better off longer term. The liquidationists have it right.
Helping twelve is just like what Japan did with their zombie banks.
Why is liquidation a four letter word? It really is the better
choice both for the short and long term, just not the politically
correct answer. So once again America kicks the can down the road,
while trying to reflate amother bubble to offset the last bubble
that popped. Keep up the good fight, sound analysis will beat
stupid government in the end.