Steve Liesman needs to go back and listen to himself or read his old notes!

This is why journalists and analysts annoy intelligent people.  They  modify their arguments to fit the topic of the day so they can win the  argument of the day.  Steve Liesman is an intelligent man, for sure.  He is also intelligent enough to spin his words so that he appears to  be right, all of the time.  It is also extremely annoying when he  applies economic theories that are irrelevant in a new world global  economy.  Of course we can take learn from these theories and apply  them where appropriate but Steve leans on them too often to make  himself appear right when in reality it would take a room fool of  economists months to never finish the argument as to which theory is  right or wrong.

The US economy is beyond unstable.  The global economy is beyond  unstable.  There is no right answer.  To spend or not to spend, that  is the question.

I will give you the real solution.

1.  Hire a few hundred volunteers / retired CFO's to find fraud waste  and abuse in government spending.

2.  Get rid of Unions

3.  Get some journalists to cover politics like TMZ covers hollywood