Rick Santelli will not go on John Stewart Show

Rick Santelli is apparently a man that screams aloud when the bailout goes beyond Wall Street. How come rick has not screamed on television about how poorly business journalists have performed over the past several years.

He would not go on the John Stewart Show to defend his position and to defend his network and I cannot understand why he made this decision.

I have lost a lot of respect for most business news reporters.  Where are the people that uncover the news before it happens. Where is the investigative journalism spirit.

Since we cannot rely on the SEC our country needs help.

Saturday, 28-03-09 17:21


First of all we appreciate the comments and feedback. As long as it is tactful and meaningful. John, thank you for your comment. We appreciate your time and input.

Here is a comment written by John A.:

If you actually listened to what Santelli said in his rant and what he has said previously multiple times, you would know that Rick is against ANY sort of bailout. This includes any and every big bank and insurance company as well as people who are getting rewarded for bad decisions. Get your facts straight. I cannot speak for Rick, but I assume he feels no need to justify his opinion to anybody, let alone a person who reports on "fake news."

My response:

Rick is a smart man. Rick has strong convictions. John Stewart makes some very very convincing arguments regard Ricks position and CNBC. I simply felt it is and was a wimpy move not to go on the John Stewart show.

In addition to that where was Rick when he should have made a strong and loud outburst about the other bailouts. I watch CNBC almost everyday and I do agree that he is against most bailouts but he did not speak up as loudly as he did against the housing bailout.

I agree with Rick. I also agree with John Stewart. If Jim Cramer can go on the show than so can Rick. CNBC needs to do more uncovering and far less responding. They also do a horrible job of grilling their guests. John is right. They ask questions that the CEO's approve. Nobody is ever afraid to go on CNBC and that is not how it should be in my opinion.

PS Who is reporting on FAKE NEWS. Nothing about John Stewarts arguments against CNBC were fake, as far as I could tell.