The White House needs to consult with Hollywood

Rick, Ask President Obama to put all the smart guys in the office where they come up with legislation that will get the economy moving and to hire someone like Tom Hanks to speak to the public.  Guys like Henry Paulson and Tim Geitner might be brilliant but their ability to speak on camera does nothing but instill fear and a lack of confidence.  When you meet with Robert Gibbs in Washington D.C., tell him that one of the reasons Obama won the election, was because he instilled confidence and gave millions of Americans and millions around the world, a sense of hope.  Tim Giethner and Henry Paulson scare people and they do nothing to instill confidence.  Its like asking the shy smart kid in your class to be the leader.  He or she is going to have a tough time getting everyone to believe his plan is going to work regardless of his grade point average.