Questions and Comments for Rick Santelli

From: Kathryn Hahn

Rick, Ever think about public office since you've made the most sense offering solutions to these economic trials? You've certainly got your midwest head on straight and speak for a ton of like minded people. Keep up the good work, don't let those drones in the White House intimidate. Count me in for your capitalist tea party at the lake!!!!! Thanks for speaking up and giving a voice for the rest of us!!!!

Friday, 24-04-09 00:16

Hi Rick,

Just thought I had to send you this.......

I've watched and respected you and your views for years on CNBC. I feel you're only one----of a very few in the media----that actually speak the truth to all the viewers. I'd noticed you were not reporting for a few days and jokingly said to others------may bee they're so unhappy with the rescent aired opinions you've stated--that have conflicted with the views of "Upper management/Owners---White House" etc.... Come to find out today------that I wasn't too far off.....that you were technically being told to "TAKE IT EASY" with the comments you've made!!!!! I AM OUTRAGED BY THIS.....AND SO ARE MANY OTHERS!!!!!

Just one viewer....with a voice.

Please continue to stay strong..... and I hope you continue to report the "FACTS" in the future as YOU see them----not pressured to compromise your values "THAT WE ALL VALUE SO MUCH".

Thursday, 09-04-09 12:25

alan arsht
Has NBC or CNBC gagged you since your outburst? You seem cmpletely tame now. We miss the old Rick.

Friday, 03-04-09 11:44

Peg Jacobson
Rick: What a pleasure it is to see you among the panic stricken, white flag waving liberals at CNBC. You truly understand the danger our nation is in. We appreciate you so much and time our viewing to catch you. We wish you well and hope to see you under a different venue in the near future. Keep up the good work. You have a loyal following.

Thursday, 02-04-09 11:10

Rick, This midwesterner really appreciates your backbone in standing up to these crooks and thieves in Washington. You have given us a breath of fresh air. We need your voice. Thank you!

Monday, 30-03-09 21:34

Candi V
Say Rick,
I would love to meet you and millions of other Americans at our White House Step to have a tea party!! Time for a March!!

Thanks for speaking out using your
Thank you, Candi V